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PPG - Minutes

  W P P G

  The Wheatbridge Patients’ Participation Group

 Minutes of the WPPG Meeting held on 14 January 2020

Present:     Judith Stanley Ian Edmundson 
  Sue Ottowell      Mike Little 
  Mavis Plater    Sheila Smith
  Tony Pope  Ruth Ludford 
  Carole Sadler Dr S Savage
  Linda Clarke  Lisa Motais
  Tracey Lawson      Tracey Jaggers
Apologies: Philip Abbott    
Sheila Smith
  Spencer Hoskin Ruth Elliott
    1. Welcome and Introductions


      Judith welcomed everyone to the Meeting.


      Lisa Motais a Social Prescriber assigned to Wheatbridge Surgery  

      attended the meeting.


    2. Speaker from Live Life Better Derbyshire


      Tracey Jaggers explained that Live Life Better Derbyshire is a scheme that has been provided to help people try to live a better life and to help them change their lifestyle.  They offer help with stopping smoking, losing weight and exercise.  Patients can self-refer either by telephone or on-line for the stop smoking and weight management Service.  To be eligible for the weight management course they must have a BMI of over 25.  To try to help people stop smoking they offer a 12 week course where nicotine patches/ lozenges are available free of charge.  Prescriptions are also available for Champix at no cost.  If a patient meets certain health criteria a GP or Practice Nurse can refer them direct to them for a 12 week exercise cause at local leisure centres.  Patients cannot refer themselves for this.  This Service is only available once.  The Service also offers work MOTs whereby they go into work places and do a general health MOT including BP, height, weight etc.  If any health issues are brought to light, the patient will be advised to contact their GP.  They also offer a drop in session at Chesterfield Library on a Monday between 11.00am and 1.00pm.  They also offer one to one sessions. 


    3. Minutes of Previous Meeting


      The minutes of the meeting on 22 October 2019 were agreed as a true and correct record with the following amendments:


      Matt has enquired whether there are any leaflets available informing patients about the Services provided at the Hub and at present there aren’t any.  They are looking into doing some in the future.


    4. Feedback from Group Reps

      Ian had attended the Chesterfield PPG network meeting on 8 January 2020.  This was discussed.  Attached is the feedback from this meeting.


      Ian asked if it was ok to let Chatsworth Road Medical Centre Patient Participation Group have a copy of our survey questions.  This was agreed and Ian would contact them to arrange.


      Judith thanked Ian.


    5. Items from the suggestion box

      There were no suggestions.


      Judith thanked Tracey in Spencer’s absence.


    6. Patient Survey Results

      The patient survey had taken place during the week, Monday, 18 November 2019 to Friday, 22 November 2019.  Thank you to the volunteers who came to the Surgery to undertake this.


      Matt had also sent the questionnaire out via text to patients to complete on line and had 794 responses which he collated.  Sue collated the survey results done in the Surgery.  


      We had feedback from approximately 1000 patients in the survey.

      The results of the survey had been distributed to members to look at before the meeting.  An indepth discussion regarding the results took place.  On the whole it was felt that the survey was positive and that things had improved from the one done in 2017.  It was noted that there was a slight difference in the results from patients who did the survey in the Surgery and those who completed it on-line.  It was noted that not many of those completing the survey mentioned the parking which is an improvement from the last survey.  Members felt that it had been a success sending text messages to patients to do the survey on-line and would do this in all future surveys.   Reading through the comments it was felt that although some patients’ expectations were realistic some weren’t and this was shown in the results.  We are never going to be perfect but on the whole it showed that the Practice was on the right track.


      After discussion it was decided to distribute the survey results to the GP Partners and Practice Manager so that they can be discussed at a Partners meeting to decide what improvements could be made following the results.


      Judith thanked everyone for their help with the survey.


    7. Any Other Business

      Mavis Plater had sent in a letter of resignation from the WPPG. Tracey will send her thank you letter on behalf of the group.

    8. Date of next meeting


      The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, 21 April 2020 at

      12.00 noon.  This will be the Annual General Meeting.


      Judith thanked members for attending. 


      The meeting closed at 1.40pm


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